Here are the blogs Urban Forum staff write

Whitehall Watch
Whitehall Watch
 is our general blog on the latest news in policy developments and issues affecting the community sector. A number of our policy staff contribute to it.

low-carbon-councillors.pngCommunity Power Empowers Blog
Our 'Community Power Empowers' blog covers issues relating to renewable energy production and sustainable development. Network Development Officer, Kate Hathway, posts to this blog.

crmr-logo.pngCommunity Rights Made Real Blog
Since June, Urban Forum has been running its Barrow Cadbury-funded Community Rights Made Real project in Dudley, in conjunction with a very enthusiastic group of people from the Dudley Our Society group (representatives from Dudley Council for Voluntary Service, Dudley Council and Dudley Community Partnership). Nick Bird blogs on the progress of this innovative project.

Neighbourhood Resilience Blog
Rachel Newton keeps us up to date on Urban Forum's neighbourhood resilience work, in Greater Manchester and elsewhere. Find it here.

We are all Social now
tony-hillman.pngSocial media and communications have been embarked on a life-changing journey for a few years now, but recently this has become a journey we all have to embark on. Tony Hillman is the irritaing person sat next to you while you try to look out of the window.

Better Banking
better_banking.jpgThe Better Banking Blog covers Urban Forum's  work and interest in bank reform and issues of financial services and community finance. Toby Blume posts to this blog. 








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