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Urban Forum Guide to Community Resilience

resilience-guide-cover-for-web_copy.pngThe Urban Forum Guide To Community Resilience is an invaluable resource for any community.

With the era of austerity upon us and the public spending cuts bringing greater challenges, this handy guide, which has expert contributions from many organisations, is a timely, practical way to strengthen your community and make the best use of its assets.

The Guide contains sections on

Local Food Schemes
Asset Mapping
Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS)
Community Resilience Task Force
Community Led Planning
Renewable Energy
Community Asset Transfer
Community Land Banks
Community Land Trusts
Meanwhile Projects - Use of Assets
Local Currencies
Local Enterprise
Community Development Finance
Credit Unions
Crowdfunding Social Ventures
Social Impact Bonds
Charitable Bonds - Blended Value Investment
Local Multiplier3 (LM3)
Community Shares

What they say
"I was pleased to receive a copy of the Urban Forum Guide to Community Resilience. The book has been on my desk ever since. It chimes perfectly with the Localism agenda, is accessible, easy to read and inspires you to action. I would recommend it to any community group or local council looking to get a real handle on what current Policy actually translates to in terms of potential real action to improve and support our communities."
Steven Lugg, Hamphire Association of Local Councils

More Information about the Guide

In such fast changing and challenging times communities can find themselves buffeted by actions and pressures far outside their communities (and control). The global financial crisis, environmental disasters, war and natural disasters all ultimately impact on communities across the UK. Energy prices, the cost of food and transport, access to affordable credit and public spending cuts are all affected by global events.

At times like this, community resilience - the ability of a community to withstand shocks and to bounce back from them - will be critical. But we mean resilience to be far more than just surviving . . . we think resilience is also about achieving ambition and meeting future need.

A resilient community will have the skills, energy, resources and ambition to do better for all its citizens. And it is our ambition to support local people and groups to take control of their communities, to determine what happens and how and to build strong, healthy and vibrant areas where people are proud to live. 

Here at Urban Forum, we've asked experts from across the field to share their knowledge in order that we could produce one handy guide that aggregates all this valuable information into one place.

We hope you'll agree that the Urban Forum Guide to Community Resilience is essential as a tool for beginning to strengthen you community.

FREE copies are now available to local voluntary and community groups - please email us with your details. A charge may be made for postage.


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